Making a Wrist Corsage


Flowers can be used in a number of ways to spruce up your ensemble. You can pin a few in your hair, insert one in your pocket, hold a small bouquet or wear a beautiful wrist corsage. Wrist corsages complement any dress and can be used for any occasion. Although corsages of all types and shapes are available at florists, you can make one yourself to cut down on the cost and customize it to use the flowers or embellishments of your choice.

Making a Wrist Corsage

Step 1

Select two medium-size flowers that complement your dress and are readily available. Although orchids, carnations and roses are traditional flowers used for corsages, you can use wildflowers, daisies any other flowers you have on hand. Also select two or three smaller filler flowers that coordinate with your main flowers. These will cover the stems of the larger flowers and give the corsage a full and colorful look. Include some baby's breath, rich green leaves or ferns as well.

Step 2

Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the main flower stems to 2 inches in length. You may have to cut them even shorter, but this is a good length to work with to start.

Step 3

Hold the stems of the two main flower blooms diagonally over one another so the flower heads face the opposite directions. Cut a length of floral tape and wrap it around the stems so they are secure. Place a filler flower between the two main flower heads to cover the stem, and arrange the others around them in any design you like. Use floral tape to secure all the stems together.

Step 4

Insert a few leaves, ferns or baby's breath around the flowers, or on only two sides, depending on personal taste. This helps add contrasting color to the corsage, enabling the flowers to stand out against the green background. Secure the flowers and foliage with tape.

Step 5

Wind elastic band around your wrist to determine the appropriate size. Add ½-inch overlap and cut the elastic with sharp scissors. Use matching thread to sew both the ends together, allowing for the overlap, so your band forms a circle. Position the flowers over the wristband so no portion of the elastic is visible. Attach the flowers to the elastic wristband with a needle and matching thread, sewing through it and over the stems and floral tape. Slip the corsage over your wrist to see how it looks.

Things You'll Need

  • Medium flower blooms of the same color, 2
  • Small complementing flowers, 2 to 3
  • Ferns, baby's breath or leaves
  • Sharp scissors
  • Floral tape
  • Elastic band
  • Needle
  • Matching thread


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