Ideas for Window Box Planters

Window boxes give the outside of the home an added vibrancy and splashes of color. These boxes are tiny ecosystems where the soil type and flower choice is completely up to the garden. This fun way to express your own gardening style adds to the overall look of the home and surrounding landscape. Always use a large enough box so as to suit each window's dimension. Don't forget to add different heights, textures and bloom colors for a well-balanced and beautiful window box for your home.

Edible Garden

Why not grow an edible window box using your favorite vegetables and herbs. Plant small lettuces like Bibb and arugula lettuce for a delicious design. Add a small cherry tomato vine to crawl around the box and down the side. Overtime, the little garden will fill out the window box creating an unexpected addition to your landscape. Use a small space in the corner of the window box for growing herbs like chives and basil. Small thyme and oregano plants enjoy spilling over the box and don't take up much room. Open the windows to let their fragrant and sweet smell permeate your home and your favorite dishes.


Plant colorful gerbera daisies inside the window box for a vibrant and colorful design. Around the daisies, add the ever-lovely verbena plant for a long-lasting garden design. With its billowing and full form, the verbena will begin to creep around the box for a lovely look. Don't forget to use small perennials in hard-to-reach corners and to help fill up the space. Purple violets and primroses can be squeezed into small spaces to help balance out the vibrant window box--and don't forget a creeping hydrangea, to drip over the box and grow down and around the garden space.

Green Galore

Fill the window box with varying shades of green plants for a lush and exotic feel to the space. Begin by planting a venus hair fern on either side of the box for their bright green foliage and hair-like leaves. In between these ferns add the asparagus fern for height and unusual texture. In the front of the box add a cascading sedum plant to drape down the container. Don't forget to add baby green succulents in little spaces around the window box.

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