How to Decorate Garden Arches


Garden arches look lovely nestled within a perennial garden or used at the entry to an outdoor garden. Use the arch to define different areas of a garden for a showstopping focal point in your landscape. Because garden arches are created in a wide range of heights, you can choose one that best fits the space and overall design palette. Add a colorful container filled with herbs to accent the arch and for a fragrant and unexpected addition to the space.

Step 1

Grow flowering vines to decorate the garden arch and add color and texture to the space. Plant them at the base of the garden arch to grow up and over the structure for a shady and vibrant garden design. Watch as their blooms light up the structure starting in the spring and lasting through the summer months.

Step 2

Grow perennial flowers at the base of the garden arch for a long-lasting addition to the outside space. Plant the vigorous and hardy coneflower plant to come back each year fuller and healthier.

Step 3

Add a string of outdoor lights to the garden vine for a warm and colorful glow. Weave the lights within the vines for a seamless look and design.

Step 4

Drape colorful paper lantern lights down and around the vines for a cheerful touch. Add a string of white lights for an elegant design that can be used year round.

Step 5

Use solar lights around the base of the arch, especially if you don't have an electrical outlet nearby. Make sure the solar lights are situated in direct sunlight during the day to charge the cells.

Things You'll Need

  • Flowering vines
  • Perennials
  • Outdoor lights


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