How to Make a Floral Arrangement With Fresh Flowers


Floral arrangements are wonderful, aromatic ways to express one's creative flair and provide elegant and inexpensive decorative objects for the dining room table or sunny kitchen windowsill. Fresh flower arrangements also make excellent gifts for family, friends and loved ones, and can be a terrific way to perk up a person's spirit. Making floral arrangements with fresh flowers is a simple process that involves choosing colorful varieties of flowers that suit your aesthetic preferences, and do not require specialized flower arrangement skills.

Step 1

Place a 1-inch horizontal cut at the bottom of each individual flower stem. Horizontal cutting helps ensure that the fresh flowers receive more water while arranged in the vase.

Step 2

Group three varying colored flowers together and add a sprig of baby's breath to the back of the fresh flower grouping.

Step 3

Place the first grouping of fresh flowers on the left hand side of your vase.

Step 4

Group together three additional flowers of contrasting colors (if necessary you may repeat additional colors, but try to vary them - for example, if you have two red roses and one white lily, you may place one red rose on the left, the white lily in the center and the second red rose on the right). Contrasting colors provide visual interest to your arrangement.

Step 5

Place the second grouping in the center of the vase. Add another sprig of baby's breath to the back of the vase to give your arrangement texture.

Step 6

Group the final three fresh flowers for your arrangement. Place them in the vase on the right hand side. Add another sprig of baby's breath to the back of the vase to give your arrangement texture.

Step 7

Fill your vase with room temperature water until the water level reaches a depth of 5 inches up the fresh cut floral stems.

Step 8

Finish with a lovely bow or ribbon that complements the floral arrangement or special occasion. Tie or place the ribbon or bow directly at the center of the vase.

Things You'll Need

  • 9 individual flower stems, of varying and contrasting colors
  • Baby's breath
  • Vase
  • Ribbon or decorative bow
  • Water
  • Trash bag
  • Scissors


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