Floral Arranging Ideas

Nestle flowers and greenery inside your favorite container for an elegant and vibrant arrangement. Use varying heights and textures of flowers to create a balanced design. Mix in sprigs of herbs like thyme and mint for a fragrant addition to the floral arrangement. For small designs, arrange a trio of vases to sit together for an unexpected addition to a dining table.

Tall Display

Create a tall display to use in a foyer or entry using long-stemmed flowers. Place the tallest flowers in the back of the bouquet for a stunning background. Tall flower blooms like calla lilies and delphiniums make for an elegant bouquet. Other tall flowers like the long-stemmed rose are sure to shine in the tall arrangement. Add sprigs of orchids for unusual and unexpected texture to the display. Use these in the front of the bouquet and around the edges. Add bits of greenery to the side of the display for balance and added color.

Cheerful Mix

Cheerful daisy-like blooms like the gerbera daisy, paired with a lush green accent, are a sure way to add vibrancy to a room. For bright and festive arrangements use a clear vase to accent the stems and the colorful blooms. Use the ever-colorful cosmos to drape over the front and sides of the floral arrangement. Add a green accent like the kermit pom to the sides of the mix and to contrast with the flowers. Try arranging this mix in shorter square vases to use as a festive table addition. These small yet vibrant arrangements make for the ideal gift after a dinner party with friends.

Unusual Vases

Use an unusual vase for arranging your flowers. Ditch the familiar look for a normal bouquet and use a vintage urn. Simply add a watertight container hidden within the vintage containers to hold the water and stems. Combine full flower bloom heads like bright pink peonies in the front and sides of the container. These will be the base of the arrangement and ones to help hold the other stems in place. Mix in medium fillers like white or purple hyacinth blooms to stick in between the fuller blooms. Don't forget an accent to drape down the container like a stem of fresh kumquats or draping fern leaves. For tight spots add a simple daisy or yellow mum and the container will take on its own lovely shape.

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