Grafting Method


Grafting is the process of joining the branch of one plant with the root system of another. It accomplishes what seed germination cannot -- accurate fruit development -- by eliminating the dependency of farmers on pollen and instead allows a surgical joining of the exact fruit desired by that farmer.

Step 1

Select the scion branches from the desired plant. Branches should be as close in diameter to the root stalk as possible to ensure the compatibility of the inner barks. Cut a 1 1/2-inch diagonal slice at the end of the scion pieces.

Step 2

Cut a 1 1/2-inch diagonal slice at the top of the root stalk roughly 1 foot from the ground.

Step 3

Place the two branches together and bind them tightly with grafting tape. Cover the entire grafting site with grafting compound.

Step 4

Remove the tape as soon as the graft heals and new growth forms.

Things You'll Need

  • Scion
  • Root stalk
  • Grafting knife
  • Grafting tape
  • Grafting compound


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