Yellow Flowered Plants That Grow in Grass

Yellow flowering plants in your lawn can help create the feel of a meadow. In some cases, what may be considered a weed by one person is a flower worth cultivating in a lawn for another. When looking for yellow flowers to grow in your lawn, look for low growing plants that won't be completely removed by mowing. Some plants may be considered a noxious weed in your area, so check with your local county agricultural extension on planting regulations.


There are a number of different flowers known by the common name of "buttercup." Different varieties work in different climate zones. Most buttercups are very low growing and are hardy enough to compete with grass for nutrients. Although they can grow in many conditions, buttercups tend to prefer cooler, shady locations and may do better when shaded by trees, a house, or another building. What are commonly called buttercups can also include members of the clematis family, anemone family, and delphinium families.

Yellow Oxalis

The common yellow oxalis may grow well in your lawn. Common yellow oxalis is generally well distributed in the continental U.S.. It if found in most states. The states where it doesn't do well are Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, California, Nevada and Utah. This low-growing plant should produce contrasting yellow flowers in all other states. The tiny yellow flowers of the common yellow oxalis contain five petals with yellow pistils and stamen. This plant is often known by different local names, including bitter oxalis, small oxalis, and young oxalis.

Dwarf Cinquefoil

Dwarf cinquefoil is a low growing plant that spreads by vining stems. Similar plants include the common cinquefoil, barren strawberry, and Indian strawberry. The dwarf cinquefoil is native to North America and grows to a height of between 2 and 4 inches. The yellow flowers on this plant are around 1/2 inch in diameter and the plant flowers from March to June. The dwarf cinquefoil is generally found east of the Mississippi river, but is also common in Texas. Dwarf cinquefoils produce 5 petaled yellow flowers.

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