How to Arrange Fresh Flowers


Fresh flowers arranged in a colorful vase or container is the ideal way to spruce up a space with bursts of color. Use unexpected bits of green accents like sprigs of herbs to contrast with the flower colors. Rosemary, mint and thyme can be tucked into the arrangement for a fragrant addition to the bouquet. Create an eye-catching arrangement using large purple hydrangea blooms mixed with cream roses for a warm and vibrant design. With a few simple items and a little practice, you can create your own designer-looking arrangement.

Step 1

Use a large vase or container for the fresh flower arrangement. Insert a piece of wet floral foam down into the bottom of the container to help the stems stand straight and keep them moist.

Step 2

Use line flowers to help create the shape of the arrangement. Use these on either side of the arrangement for balance.

Step 3

Add greenery to accent the flowers and help fill out the arrangement. Use 2 to 3 pieces of taller flowers to go in the middle and back of the bouquet.

Step 4

Use large flower blooms and place them in the container in between the taller blooms. Place medium-sized flowers in between the large blooms for pops of bright color.

Step 5

Add filler flowers like berries to help fill up the space, if needed. Cut off small pieces of fillers and place them in between the flowers to help fill in empty areas.

Step 6

Refresh the water every two to three days to ensure a long-lasting arrangement. Make sure to use room temperature as to not shock the flowers and cause them to wilt.

Tips and Warnings

  • Prevent bacteria from forming by removing all petals and debris that drop inside the container as soon as they are noticeable.

Things You'll Need

  • Floral foam
  • Container
  • Flowers
  • Greenery
  • Fillers
  • Water


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