Ideas for Display of Fresh Fruit

Decorate your home using colorful fruits for a natural and elegant design. Use festive and colorful pomegranates for a stunning fruit display. Add small fruits along a table runner for an unexpected addition to the table. A festive flower bouquet mixed with a colorful fruit design are a stunning pair, and one that will be a staple for every special and festive dinner party.

Fruit Topiary

Build a fruit topiary using fruit for an elegant addition to the dining table. Add styrofoam inside the base of the container to hold up the topiary. On top add greenery and a piece of floral foam in a cone shape to hold the fruit. Place garden picks inside your fruit and insert inside the floral foam. Use smaller-shaped fruit like the seckel pear mixed with limes for a gorgeous design. As you insert the fruit inside the floral foam, the warm and elegant colors of the pears will begin to light up the topiary. Fill in any empty spaces between the fruit with added greenery or ribbon. A sprig of holly or cedar contrasts nicely with the bright fruit colors. Place the topiary on a dining table or foyer for a vibrant and delicious addition to the space.

Citrus Centerpiece

Add colorful pieces of fruit inside a large pedestal display container for a festive table top design. Use citrus fruit mixed together inside the bowl for a fragrant centerpiece. Add kumquats with their bright green foliage mixed with sprigs of meyer lemons. The colors will play nicely off each other for a vibrant contrast. Don't forget to add in bright green key limes to help fill in the small spots of the centerpiece and to add a splash of green. At each place setting use a large navel orange to accent the citrus centerpiece as each guest's placeholder. Use cloves to spell the guests' initials for a fragrant and elegant addition to the table.

Apple Wreath

Nothing smells better than a fir and cedar wreath. Why not amp up the display with fresh fruit. Use granny smith apples for a bright green color to accent the deep green foliage of the greenery. Add in red Rome apples to the wreath for contrast and color. Tuck in prunings from a magnolia or dogwood tree for a full and inviting wreath creation. Don't forget to add in a few small red cranberries to showcase the colors found in the apples.

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