Ideas for a Large Planter

Turn a large planter into a vibrant green space and elegant addition to any outdoor area. Line an outdoor pool or fountain with planters spilling over with flowers. Use the planters around an outdoor patio or front walkway for added color and unexpected design. Make a strong statement by planting larger plants like the palm tree to take center stage in the landscape.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grass works well inside large planters to fill out the space and add a decorative touch to the surrounding landscape. A large round planter looks especially nice when using ornamental grasses because it mirrors the round shape of the grass. Plant fountain grass with its mound-like appearance for a tall and stunning addition to the planter. With its ability to grow up to three feet in height, the fountain grass has a gorgeous bloom display. Beginning in July the blooms begin to change from whitish purple to a deep copper. The foliage around turns a stunning gold.


Evergreen shrubs work in large planters because of their taller height and ability to be shaped into topiaries. Boxwood is a perfect plant to use in larger planters because you can trim them to form balls or other shapes and they remain green all year round. Their hardy and long-lasting ability to withstand cooler temperatures makes them an ideal candidate for a container along an entrance to a patio or front walk. Dwarf cedar and spruce also command front and center when planted inside a large container. The spruce's upright form creates an elegant addition to the garden.


With their ability to grow back taller and stronger, a hardy mix of perennials works well in large planters. Overtime, they'll grow taller and wider to easily fill up a large container. Taller perennials like black-eyed Susan's and coneflowers are also ideal because of their full and mound-forming shape. They can be planted alone within a large container to quickly grow up and out for a commanding presence. You can also accent the perennial planter using a perennial vine like trumpet creeper. The orange trumpet-shaped flower cascades over the planter with their orange blooms, creating a visually appealing planter design.

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