How to Make Country Flower Arrangements


Dozens of varieties of country flowers exist, from the bright yellow sunflower to lilac, lavender, wild roses, daisies and wildflowers of all colors. Using country flowers in a floral arrangement can give a dining room table, kitchen counter or living area an aesthetic boost. Country floral arrangements also make excellent gifts to friends and family. Making country flower arrangements is a simple process that does not require specialized flower arrangement skills.

Step 1

Fill an empty, clean vase with 5 inches of room-temperature water.

Step 2

Use your scissors to horizontally cut each flower stem. This will help the flowers receive the water they need while in the vase.

Step 3

Group three of your country flowers in contrasting shades and place them on the left side of the vase. The contrasting shades provides an aesthetic appeal to the arrangement. Add a sprig of baby's breath to the grouping.

Step 4

Group an additional three contrasting shades of country flowers, and place them in the center of the vase.

Step 5

Group the final three varieties of country flowers and place them in the vase on the right side, and add a sprig of baby's breath to the back right-hand side of the arrangement.

Step 6

Place the ribbon around the center of the vase. Display the vase in a sunny location in your home or garden patio, or present it as a gift for a friend or family member.

Things You'll Need

  • Various country flowers (at least three varieties)
  • Scissors
  • Baby's breath
  • Vase
  • Ribbon (or bow)


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