Wooden Planter Ideas

Wooden planters are available in various styles and sizes to complement any garden design. They may be built with smooth planks or panels, decorative or latticed panels, or logs. The planters may be left natural, stained or painted. Red and white cedar, cypress, and redwood are good for planters because they are weather- and insect-resistant. Some wooden planters contain a plastic liner to further protect the wood. The planter should be big enough to allow for the roots of the plants to grow, and both the liner and the planter should have adequate drainage.

Square and Rectangle Planters

Square and rectangle planters have smooth, latticed or decorated sides with straight or scalloped top edges. The tops and bottoms of the corner posts may be left square or rounded off. The corner posts of some square or rectangle planters are finished with balls or finials. A square or rectangle planter can hold a small tree or shrub, or an assortment of foliage and flowering plants. It adds a focal point to the corner of a walkway, entranceway, patio or deck.

Planter Bench

A smooth bench attached to two square planters provides seating in a garden. Additional benches and planters can be arranged at right angles to each other or in a square pattern. Small or trailing plants are best for planters at the end of benches so the plants do not block the benches or the view from the benches.

Trellis and Box Planter

A trellis attached to a square or rectangle box planter can be used as a screen or divider. The trellis can be built of wood or metal in a simple or elaborate design. Vines can be trained up the trellis, or shrubs or small trees can be espaliered against the trellis.

Whiskey Barrels

Real or imitation whiskey barrels can be used for flowers or a water garden. Imitation barrels are usually made with redwood panels held together with riveted bands. The barrels can be left whole with an open top, or cut in half horizontally or vertically. Whiskey barrels are suitable for rustic, country or old-fashioned gardens.

Other Types

Wooden window boxes can be attached under windows or on a porch railing. Small plants and trailing plants are best for window boxes so they do not block the view from the window or porch. A wooden toolbox planter resembles an old-fashioned toolbox. It is rectangular with straight sides and a handle. A toolbox planter of seasonal annuals adds a touch of color and whimsy to a garden. Round and square planters made of willow twigs are good for natural landscapes. Hanging planters are also available. Willow planters should have plastic liners to prolong their life.

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