How to Wrap a Bouquet of Roses


Presenting someone you care about with a bouquet of roses is an excellent way to show how you feel about a person, especially if you put the bouquet together yourself. Experimenting with different types of bouquet wrap is an option that will help you personalize your bouquet of roses.

Step 1

Place the three pieces of tissue paper directly on top of one another on a flat, clean surface.

Step 2

Lay the roses diagonally across the tissue paper.

Step 3

Fold one of the sides of the tissue paper over the roses, drawing it up so the corner nearest the bottom of the stems forms a point.

Step 4

Repeat the same fold with the other side of the tissue paper. Once finished folding, the wrap will resemble a sort of cone, casing the roses.

Step 5

Place a small piece of scotch tape on the tissue paper to hold it in place.

Step 6

Separate the layers of colored tissue paper near the blooms of the roses and fold the inner most layer out and down. Repeat this step with each layer of tissue paper to create a tiered effect.

Things You'll Need

  • 12 roses
  • 3 tissue paper squares measuring 12 by 12 inches in pink, white and red
  • Clear cellophane tape
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