Garden Gift Ideas

So many novel gifts exist to delight gardeners, that it helps to do some sleuthing before you make a purchase. Find out what your friend, the gardener, might be wishing for; and if possible, try to gather useful information like preferred material, size, color and pattern. Then go boldly forth to choose a garden gift that will be treasured.

Wind Chimes

Asli Arts 34.5-inch Gertyl Turtle Wind Chimes are handcrafted in Bali. They are made from whole coconuts combined with bamboo, both of which are renewable resources. The coconut is polished and the six bamboo tubes are hand-sanded and tuned to produce softly muted musical sounds when the wind blows. The wind chimes are coated in weather-resistant varnish. The windier the location and the higher up they are placed, the better they will sound.

Bench Glider

A bench glider is a relaxing way to enjoy a garden. One of the best examples is from Prairie Leisure Design, which manufactures the Aspen Garden Bench Glider, crafted from durable American hardwood. It is available in six different colors, including natural finish, and it is weather-resistant. This bench glider measures 44 inches wide by 26 inches deep by 35 inches high.


Tabletop fountains make elegant garden gifts. They are a practical alternative to a life-sized fountain that requires a lot more maintenance work. Select a tabletop fountain that complements the design of the garden. For a romantic garden, choose something like an ivory-finished Alabastrite Cherub Fountain. It measures about 12 inches high, with a UL-approved pump and cord. Alternatively, consider a more casual design like that of an Alabastrite Bamboo Motion Water Fountain. This is a meditative fountain, with bamboo chutes that gently fill and refill with water, creating a backdrop for quiet reflection. This fountain measures about 9 inches tall. Both fountains are from OC Gifts.

Work Bench

A work bench makes an ideal gift for a dedicated gardener. The VH Garden Potting Work Bench is just such a gardener's gem. It is made from Forest Stewardship Council-certified Eucalyptus Grandis hardwood. It has a covered bin to store soil, and a handy utility drawer for tools. This portable work station is 49 inches long by 22 inches wide and 44 inches high.


Statuary adds interest to any garden. The Eggbert Garden Statue is small, measuring just over 4 inches high. He elicits a smile either in the garden, or placed prominently on a table or a wall shelf. As its name suggests, Eggbert has an egg-shaped head and a friendly smile. He sits on a square pedestal, wearing a pin-striped suit and a polka dot bowtie. Next to him is a floppy-eared rabbit.

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