Annual Plant Combinations Ideas

Planted alone, annuals go a long way in sprucing up flower beds or in containers throughout an outdoor space. But when planted in the right combination with other annuals, the results can be stunning. Pairing annuals is an easy way to add additional color or texture to what may otherwise be a monotone planting.

Soft, Subtle Colors

Pair soft shades of pink with muted whites for an airy, delicate plant combination. Try pairing pink begonia with white nicotiana, or white petunias with rose-pink geraniums. A combination of pink vinca and white snapdragon is yet one other possibility. Coincidentally, these plant combinations do well in full sun.

Annual Combinations for a Shady Spot

Make a more showy combination of annuals with pink and blue flowers. Pink and violet impatiens work well together, as do pink begonia and dusty miller. If you prefer purple tones, try adding alyssum for a medium shade of lavender.

Mix Gardening Staples with the Unexpected

Complement swan river daisy, whose flowers come in a range of colors from purple, white to pink and blue, with the gardening standard, marigolds. For extra interest, try French yellow gold marigolds, which can produce multiple colors on one flower head.

Good Trailing Combinations

Summer wave torenia, a bushy annual with deep blue flowers, is an ideal choice for a trailing plant in an annual combination. Pair it along with lantana, which blooms profusely with yellow, red and orange clusters.

Gardening Standards

Any combination of impatiens with wax begonias is a popular and gardening standard among annual combinations. Begonias bloom bright red, white, pink or rose blossoms and are pretty when planted with one of the many varieties of impatiens.

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