How to Propagate Plants by Cuttings


Once you've followed the steps to take cuttings from a plant, it's now time to help them grow. Propagating plants by cuttings is an economical way to expand your garden, or someone else's, by growing more of what you already have. Propagating stem cuttings of plants is not the only propagation method used, but it is the most common.

Step 1

Prepare the rooting medium. Use a medium such as a combination of peat and sand, peat and perlite or coarse sand. (These are well-drained media that are also low in fertility and will retain sufficient moisture to avoid requiring too-frequent waterings.) Fill the container with the medium to within two inches.

Step 2

Place the cutting, one-half of its length, into the medium. Plant additional cuttings into the medium, allowing enough space for the leaves to receive sunlight. Water the cuttings and keep them misted until rooting fully takes place.

Step 3

Cover the cuttings. Drape a plastic bag over the cutting to help maintain the humidity necessary for rooting. Place the container out of direct sunlight to avoid excessive heat building up. Continue to water the cutting when condensation is not present on the plastic bag. Cuttings can be transferred to a growing medium once it develops roots at least 1 inch long.

Things You'll Need

  • Rooting medium
  • Container
  • Plastic bags


  • Plant Propagation by Stem Cuttings: Instructions for the Home Gardener
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