Flower Arrangement Techniques

Flower arranging is an ancient art first practiced by the Egyptians. It's just as popular today as it was thousands of years ago. Whether you stick a single sunflower into a tin can or create an elaborate flower arrangement, you can create a unique, beautiful design with a little floral foam, a vase--either a traditional one or something a little funky, like a gravy boat--and the flowers from your own backyard.

Horizontal Arrangement

A horizontal arrangement is twice as long as it is tall. It's a classic arrangement that adds grace to a dining room or coffee table. Traditionally, both sides are equal in length and have the same types of flowers arranged the same way. You can go for a horizontal interpretive arrangement if you want something a little different: use a variety of materials, not only flowers but leaves and grasses, and don't worry if the sides don't match exactly. The funkier, the better, as long as it looks good.

Dome Arrangement

A dome arrangement is totally round, with flowers arranged an equal distance apart throughout the arrangement. This can work well in a smaller space, like a side table or bathroom counter. With a dome arrangement, put the "best" flowers with the biggest blossoms in the center and arrange the others around them. You can also use the interpretive style with this arrangement. Designer Liztiany Zakaria says by using fewer flowers and arranging them asymmetrically, you can create an interesting design with more lines and shape than in the classic dome arrangement.

Fan Arrangement

For the fan arrangement, you need to use strong-stemmed flowers. The first flower is placed in a vertical position and the rest of the flowers are placed an equal distance apart, extending out in the shape of a fan. It's an elegant arrangement suitable for a formal living room or as part of the decorating scheme for your next party.

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