How to Collect Seed From Red Crinum


The crinum flower is actually a lily that grows from a bulb. Most of the types found today, especially the red crinum, are hybrids of plants cultivated over the years for their different colors and characteristics. One of the most amazing things about the red crinum is their size. The plants can have five foot long leaves with huge blossoms. Typically they are propagated by bulbets but you can try to collect seeds.

Step 1

Analyze your red crinum plant for seed heads. In some species, it is a very ornamental pod with red skin, while in others it is a beak-like thing. Either way, it will be easy to identify.

Step 2

Allow the seedhead to stay on the plant for as long as possible both to mature and to dry out. If you notice that it has fallen over and it sitting on the damp ground, you should remove it from the stalk.

Step 3

Cut the pods from the plant with a pair of scissors when it seems dry.

Step 4

Place the pods in a paper bag and store in a cool and dark place until you can open them up and remove the seeds. This should be done within a few days of picking since some varieties have been known to germinate almost immediately.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Paper bag


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