The Best Potting Soils for Climbing Roses

Climbing roses thrive in nutrient-rich, but loose and loamy planting soil. Potting soil purchased specifically for roses or blended on site at planting time should be teeming with organic matter. Look for and include such organics as compost, finely shredded or milled bark, well-aged livestock manure, leaf mold and peat moss.

Rose Magic

Rose Magic is an organic soil amendment for established climbing roses and a potting soil for newly planted roses. It is all-natural and pre-mixed and can be used with your preferred organic fertilizers such as rose tone and fish emulsion as it does not have any built in fertilizer. It contains the best of organic materials and a range of trace nutrients. It is mainly comprised of various types of compost, decomposed granite, green sand and shale for porosity.

Scott's Miracle-Gro for Roses

Miracle-Gro produces a garden soil designed for ground planted roses that contains organic material iron to prevent chlorosis. It also contains a slow release granular fertilizer with a 15-5-10 guaranteed analysis blended in. It has key organic elements including: sphagnum moss and manure. It also contains a wetting agent to prevent the soil from crusting over or resisting the absorption of water.

Bayer Advanced Soil for Roses

When insect damage is a problem with your climbing roses or in your garden generally, Bayer Advanced for Roses potting soil containing a built in pesticide for common rose pests may be a solution. In addition to soil nutrients it contains a slow release fertilizer and moisture holding granules to keep the soil hydrated between watering sessions. The pesticide remains active for three months after planting and the mix is lightweight enough to use in large containers but sturdy enough to anchor a rose.

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