How to Plant Flowers in Backyard Dirt


To grow flowers in backyard dirt you need a few tools and some preparation. To ensure success, start planning the space where you wish to grow flowers in backyard dirt the year before the flowers are actually planted. This will save the trouble of having to move the flowers after they have started growing, which will avoid the possibility of damaging or killing them.

Step 1

Use a claw rake to break up the soil for the area where the flowers will go. Use a hoe to dig out rocks or hard spots in the ground. Dig up a 6-inch depth of dirt. Pick up large chunks of grass by hand and shake the dirt loose of the roots. Discard the grass. Work the ground in the fall to grow flowers in spring and during winter when you plan to grow summer flowers. Make sure the ground is dry and hasn't frozen to get the right depth.

Step 2

Set out a garden hose to create a border for where you want to grow flowers in the backyard. Lay out the hose in a general shape; you can fine tune this later. Move the hose into the proper frame for the general space. Dig a 1-inch line along the inside edge of the garden hose with a spade. Remove the hose before you set the permanent borders. Use a garden border kit to create the permanent boarder. Push the border pieces firmly into the soil to set them into position.

Step 3

Fill a cup with fertilizer. Use a sideways snapping motion with your hand and arm to spread the fertilizer evenly across the dirt. Use either garden fertilizer or natural compost fertilizer to put nutrients into the ground. Peat moss and mulch are good substitutes for commercial fertilizers.

Step 4

Plant the flowers about a week after the fertilizer is laid down. This gives the fertilizer time to settle into the dirt and mix with the soil. Plant the bulbs the season before you expect to see flowers. Bulbs germinate underground and sprout when warm weather arrives. Start any seeds indoors during winter so you can get the flowers into the yard after the last frost. Use containers that allow for growing bunches of flowers for efficiency. Place the containers in an eastern facing window to give them the maximum amount of sunlight. Water the seeds once per week minimum. Plant any started plants last. These should be planted and grown according to the instructions provided with them. Buy the starter sets last as these are already growing and ready to place in the backyard.

Step 5

Plant bulbs, rootballs or seeds by digging an area two times the size of the item you are planting. Put the rootball or bulb in the hole and cover with dirt. Water the surface until it is damp but not wet.

Things You'll Need

  • Claw rake
  • Hoe
  • Garden hose
  • Garden border kit
  • Spade
  • Fertilizer
  • Shovel
  • Seeds, bulbs or plants


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