Unusual Vegetable Garden Ideas

Don't just plant the typical vegetable garden of cucumbers and tomatoes--create something more unusual instead. Add vegetables like dragon carrots and purple cauliflower. Plant the veggies in an old rubber tire as a focal point to the garden. Use broken pieces of glass bottles and china to create an accent table inside the garden. Accent the table using sparkly costume jewelry hung from the table. Or try these options.

Patio Garden

Why not put a patio smack dab in the middle of your patch as front and center to your lush garden. Carve out a small space in your vegetable garden for a small viewing area to watch the garden grow and flourish. Line the patio with old railroad ties or bottles stuck upside down and into the ground for a defined and unusual border. Provide interesting seating such as old ski chair from a ski lift. Add an old claw foot bathtub lined with comfortable pillows as the perfect spot to sit back and relax. Choose colors for accessories found in a sprawling zucchini and tomato plant as your outdoor palette. Grow a few decorative plants in an old tire or wheelbarrow next to your space to help define the area while creating another layer of color.

Movable Garden

Reap the rewards of fresh vegetables no matter how large or small your garden space. Create your own movable garden using a large basket or your favorite containers. The wonderful thing about a self-contained garden is that you can control the type of soil and sunlight your vegetables receive. They can be moved for optimal light and can be watered according to their growing needs. Use a large rectangular-shaped basket for growing lettuces and herbs. Fill the basket with compost and nutrient-laden potting soil for a hardy harvest. Use large containers for growing squash and tomatoes. For small decks and porches, these are perfect because they don't take up a lot of space and can be changed out each season for a fresh new set of culinary delights.

Garden Fence

Build a fence made from old canoe paddles to surround the garden and prop up your favorite flowering vines. Fences are ideal for keeping out animals that like to munch on your vegetable patch, while providing a design element to your landscape. Insert the paddles, paddle side up followed by paddle side down. Repeat this until you have framed the entire garden. Paddles are made of sturdy and long-lasting wood, ideal for your heavier vegetable vines. Inside the fence, use the space to grow your favorite vegetables. Plant sweet pea and tomato vines along the paddle fence line for a makeshift trellis to your garden. Watch as the vines grow up and around the canoe paddles for a lush and unexpected design addition.

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