Ideas for Landscaping With Flowers

Landscaping with bright and cheerful flowers updates the look of the space while adding contrast and texture. Draw your eye into a space using unusual flower blooms with textured foliage and creamy colors. Bring in flowers of different heights and widths for a well-balanced landscape. Use drought-tolerant flowers that admirers will think you spent a lot of time on, when in fact you let the flower do all the work.


Use colorful roses around a front entry or garden path for a stunning landscape design. Plant different colored roses for bursts of color and texture in the landscape. Grow a chestnut rose, which bears a bright pink blossom and wide layered petals for a stunning flower. Plant the roses in full sun to begin a heavy blooming season in the spring. Another gorgeous rose is the noisette rose. With their pale pink blooms, these roses will bloom into the fall and require no deadheading. Make sure you plant these in a spot that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight. Accent the space with the ever-cheerful cabbage roses. The bright yellow blooms, which resemble a cabbage head, add an unexpected touch to the landscape and are perfect for a fresh flower arrangement.

Spring Bulbs

Line the front of a garden bed or stone path with spring bulbs. They come in a variety of shapes and colors, making for a brilliant and colorful spring emergence. Use the cheerful daffodil bulb mixed with purple crocus for a contrasting design in the landscape. Add tulip bulbs to the landscape for a lovely addition. Their tea-cup shaped bloom comes in bright colors like red and orange and unexpected deep crimson colors like purple and magenta. Add a fancy frill tulip with its fringed edge and stunning pink and white colors to the mix of flowers. Don't forget the spring-blooming hyacinth for a sea of texture and color.


Nothing thrives better and longer in the hot summer heat than a perennial. With their nonstop capability of blooming and colorful faces, perennials are a must in any landscape. Use the ever-vibrant and drought-tolerant coreopsis in the landscape. With its golden-yellow flower and tall stems, these compact flowers make for a show-stopping backsplash to any garden bed. Plant them along a stone wall for nice contrast. Their semi-double flower heads will be sure to add texture to the space. Another heat-tolerant perennial is the purple coneflower. With its purple blooms and mound-like appearance, this daisy flower will fill out the landscape beautifully.

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