The Best Selling Herb Plants

People grow herbs for both culinary and medicinal uses. In cooking, fresh herbs lend a flavor that you just won't find in dried, bottled herbs. Because herbs are so versatile, and so easy to grow, their popularity as a houseplant and garden plant increases every year. Some herbs are more in demand than others.


If you like to cook Italian dishes you know how important fresh basil is. Dishes such as pesto and marinara depend upon the sweet aroma of this tender herb. Growing basil is quite easy and can be done indoors, in pots. The most important aspect of growing basil is sunshine; the herb needs at least six to eight hours of sunlight a day.


Oregano is a staple in Italian and Mexican cooking. This perennial plant is easy to grow in the home garden as long as you have a spot that will provide it with all-day sun. Harvesting the leaves is best done before the plant flowers, usually when it reaches 5 inches in height.


This is an herb that will grow best in a dry, sunny location. Gardeners grow thyme not only for culinary use but as an ornamental plant as well. If you are growing it for use in the kitchen you will probably want to dry some of the herb. Just hang a bunch of thyme sprigs upside down until they dry. Thyme can be grown in full sunshine or partial shade.

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