What Happens If You Eat Caroline Jasmine Flowers?

Extreme Relaxation & Muscle Weakness

Ingesting parts of the poisonous Carolina jasmine plant introduces the gelsemium into the system, which can be deadly in even small doses. The initial response is a feeling of extreme relaxation and muscle lassitude followed by muscular paralysis in larger doses.

Changes in Temperature, Pulse & Eye Movement

Gelsinium triggers a range of externally visible manifestations of poisoning, including the face becoming strained, the drop of body temperature and the skin taking on a cold, moist feel. The pulse will be rapid, but weak and irregular. Pupils will become dilated, double vision can occur and the eyelids will partially close. The jaw can also go slack due in part to the severe muscle relaxation.

Slowing & Cessation of Respiration

Carolina jasmine will immediately upon ingestion slow the respiration process or breathing. It blocks communication with and activity within the respiratory center of the medulla. As the poisons effects progress and respiration slows, consciousness can be lost. Respiratory failure and subsequent cardiac arrest is the physiological cause of death by Carolina jasmine poisoning and can occur within an hour to seven hours of ingestion without treatment.

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