Ideas for Landscaping a Backyard Garden

Convert your backyard into your own oasis and private getaway. Use the space for creating a lush garden using your favorite flowers and plants. Bring in the element of water by adding a garden fountain tucked inside a garden bed or near a shade tree. The soft and relaxing sound of the fountain brings to life the backyard space while attracting birds and butterflies. Don't forget to add seating to the garden so you can enjoy your retreat. Add a set of outdoor chairs or a standalone bench for enjoying a warm summer night or morning coffee.

Vegetable Patch

Devote part of your backyard garden to adding vegetables. Use as much space as you need to fill in with lovely pepper plants and trailing cucumber vines for a lush-looking garden design. Add containers filled with cherry tomato vines and watch as they spill over the sides and into the garden space. Use a nearby fence to train your beans like sweet peas around the landscape. Add squash along the border to fill up the space with their unusually shaped fruits. Don't forget to plot a small space for harvesting lettuce. Its green and ruffled leaves add an unexpected texture to the garden that becomes a delicious meal.

Garden Path

Winding garden paths, which lead you to and from areas of your backyard, enhance the look of the space while providing a focal point to the garden. Use flagstone or slate to create a decorative path. Add a layer of mulch to prep the soil for the stones and to keep the soil moist. Mulch prevents weeds from shooting up through the soil while providing contrast to the earth-toned stepping-stones. You don't have to be perfect when laying the stones, since they will settle over time into the space. Create your own interesting design to lead you to a garden patio or pergola. Use the natural curves of the space to help guide to a design. Typically 2-to-3-feet wide is sufficient, but you can experiment with your space to get the perfect look. After it's finished, enjoy strolling down the path on a crisp fall night.

Mixed Perennials

Perennials are the ideal plant to use to create a long-lasting design to the backyard space. Plant them along the garden path to define the border and create a lovely addition. Use fluffy and full ornamental grasses such as fountain grass or pony tails to flank either side of an outdoor pergola or in an existing garden. Add colorful perennials like butterfly bush and black-eyed Susan around the backyard space for bursts of summer blooms. Tuck forget-me-nots inside the garden for a tiny yet exquisite blue flower that begins its show in the spring. Another gorgeous perennial to add to the backyard space is the coreopsis. With its mounding appearance, bright green stems and mango-colored blooms, your backyard will have a burst of delicious color year after year. Remember that perennials will grow wider over time, so make sure you allow a few more inches on either side for maximum growth.

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