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Pressing flowers is an easy-to-learn activity that truly showcases nature's bounty. It can be used to preserve flowers, as well as record an exceptional display from your flower beds. As a hobby, pressing is relatively inexpensive because it does not require much more than some wild flowers and an abundance of absorbent paper or books. From Queen Ann's lace, pansies and cosmos to more advanced flower specimens, such as roses, zinnias and peonies, garden flowers can be preserved for displays, as well as an abundance of gifts, crafts or keepsakes. And pressed flower crafts are not limited to flowers either, herbs and other foliage can also be used to make original designs.


Bookmarks are an easy project to do with kids that utilizes pressed flowers. Using some cardstock, spray glue and ribbon you can create original designs to be given to avid readers or kept as garden keepsakes. Simply spray the card stock with spray glue and then lay out your flowers in whatever design you chose and cover with transparency paper. To truly personalize the bookmark place the gift recipients name on the side of card stock not being used for your floral design.

Pressed Flower Stationary and Gift Tags, a house and home resource, recommends making pressed flower stationary and gift tags. This project uses pressed flowers and clear stickers which can be found in most craft stores. After selecting pressed flower specimens lay out clear stickers with the sticky side up, carefully place the pressed flower on the sticker using tweezers. Once the arrangement is centered on the sticker transfer it to the stationary or gift tag of your choice and press into place. For homemade gift tags use thick card stock cut into circles. Use a hole-punch to make a hole at the top of the tag that can be used to thread a ribbon through.


The Public Broadcasting Station recommends making placemats with pressed flowers. Their craft idea is catered toward kids and includes using poster board and contact sheets to make inspired table art with a functional twist. To make placemats cut poster board to the size you prefer for the placemats. Then cut a sheet of contact paper slightly larger, approximately 1 inch on all sides, of the post board. Peel off the post board backing and place the poster board on top. Arrange pressed flowers on the poster board and then roll out the other side of the contact paper over the flower design. Trim the sides as necessary.

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