How to Preserve Cut Roses From the Garden


Cutting roses for use in flower arrangements is part and parcel of the pleasure of growing a rose garden. Careful harvesting and conditioning of rose blooms will ensure the longest possible vase life. Frequent changes of water with the addition of a floral preservative will also help to maintain the beauty of your roses for up to a week.

Step 1

Place cut roses immediately into tepid water after cutting.

Step 2

Prepare your vase by filling it 1/2 to 2/3 full with tepid to just barely warm water. Mix in 1 tsp. of white sugar and 2 drops of household bleach and swirl to dissolve and combine. The sugar will feed the roses and the bleach will keep bacteria at bay.

Step 3

Hold the rose stems under water in a bowl or sink and recut the end of the stem diagonally, removing at least 1/4 of an inch to create easy water uptake.

Step 4

Place the recut rose into the prepared vase water immediately. Repeat for all of the roses and then place the vase in a cool location out of direct sunlight and away from heating or cooling vents.

Step 5

Replace the vase water with preservative every day or every other day, recutting the stems underwater by 1/4-inch each time you so do.

Things You'll Need

  • Sharp, clean secateurs
  • Sink or bowl full of water
  • Sugar
  • Household bleach
  • Vase


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