How to Cut Corn Plant Flowers


The corn plant is a tropical evergreen tree that can grow over 20 feet high. It is known in Latin as the Dracaena fragans. These plants will not flower until they are rather large--over 6 feet tall and several years old. Typically, they will not blossom unless they are getting plenty of indirect sunshine. When they do, they emit a strong fragrance that can overwhelm the surrounding area. They can be used as cut flowers, but not for long.

Step 1

Snip the end of the blossom stem as close to the plant as possible. This will be the site of the next growing tip. Take care when you are holding the stem or peduncle, the stalk bearing the flower, that you don't break off the blossoms.

Step 2

Place the stem into a vase of water immediately after cutting. The flower is usually very long, sometimes up to 3 feet, but you can allow it to hang or simply lay across a surface. More blossoms will open if it is allowed to hang.

Step 3

Anchor the stem of the flower to the vase. This can be done by inserting the stem through a cover that has a few holes in it or may not be necessary if your vase is tall and heavy enough to hold the trailing flower.

Step 4

Top off the water every day. The flowers will only open at night--filling the area with their perfume similar to lilac or honeysuckle flower. Typically, the plant will flower in December, but has been known to blossom at other times as well.

Things You'll Need

  • Scissors
  • Fresh water
  • Vase


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