Potted Easter Lily Gifts

Easter lilies are a long-standing spring potted plant gift because of the white flower's symbolic heritage of purity, hope, rebirth and life. California has been the United States' major supplier of Easter lilies since 1941, according to Texas AgriLife Extension Service. Today, the lilies are shipped to commercial retailers nationwide. Easter lilies are a common Easter holiday gift, according to lily retailer Phillips Florals, but you don't have to stick with tradition when giving a potted Easter lily. Tailor the gift to its recipient for a festive and personal Easter present.

DIY Easter Lily

Give spring bounty during the winter by presenting Easter lily bulbs as a do-it-yourself Christmas gift. Package dry bulbs in a festive, spring-inspired flower pot in addition to directions for planting the bulbs and allow time to do the rest. Giving an Easter lily for Christmas provides the recipient the opportunity to grow his own Easter flowers and all of the bragging rights that go along with it.

Teapot Plants

Easter lilies may be potted in their own colorful and whimsical teapot. Teapots as flower pots make festive centerpieces, and once the plant dies, the pot can be cleaned out and used for its more traditional purpose. Most large teapots will hold at least one Easter lily bulb, but if the mouth of the teapot is large enough, two will fit.

Bountiful Basket

Easter is a time of giving. Delight the gardener in your life with a bountiful basket full of lilies and gardening tools. Plant bulbs in single pots (at least two or three) and place the pots in a larger basket. Fill the space in the larger basket with gardening gloves, hand lotion, a small trowel and whimsical garden signs. For a twist, make it a bulb basket and add tulips, daffodils and hyacinths to the potted Easter lilies.

Easter Lily Craft

Children can get into Easter gift-giving festivities with this meaningful craft. All that is needed is a sheet of white paper, tape, and scissors, green and yellow pipe cleaners, according to Artists Helping Children, an organization dedicated to enriching young people's lives. Outline your child's hand on paper and cut it out, roll it up and tape together before curling the fingers to form a flower and its petals. Use the yellow pipe cleaner create a small U shape at the top of each green pipe cleaner. This will be both the stamen and the stem of the lily. Thread the green pipe cleaner through the hole that formed when the flower was rolled up. To simulate a potted plant and to hold the lily bouquets, fill a small flower pot with whole coffee beans and stick the flower into the beans.

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