How to Plant Flowers in a Planter


Garden planters come in many varieties, from concrete to wood, and many shapes, from rectangular to square to cylindrical, and they all look great filled with flowers. Planters are great for container gardens if you live in a small space, such as a condo or an apartment, or if your soil is unsuitable for certain types of flowers. Planting flowers in a planter will give your yard or patio a burst of color and interest.

Step 1

Choose flowers for your planter. Select a mixture of annuals and perennials so you can have a flush of different blooms all season long. Tulips, marigolds and oriental poppies will all grow well in a planter. Plant flowers together in a planter that have the same sun and watering requirements.

Step 2

Choose a planter for your flowers. The planter should be large, at least half the height of the plant and at least 6 inches wide. The planter should also have good drainage. Drill six to eight holes in the bottom of the planter, with the holes spaced equally apart. Decide which planter type suits your needs. Concrete planters are the sturdiest, but they are very difficult to move. Wooden planters are lighter, but the wood will begin to soften and rot over time.

Step 3

Choose a place in your yard for the planter. Be sure the planter has enough available sunlight for the flowers you wish to plant in it.

Step 4

Fill the planter with high-quality potting soil about 1 to 2 inches below the rim of the planter.

Step 5

Dig holes in the planter for your flowers. Dig the holes as deep as the flowers' root balls and two times as wide. Space each hole 4 to 5 inches apart. Plant the flowers in the holes you dug. Fill the holes with soil, and pat down firmly. Water the flowers until the soil is moist.

Things You'll Need

  • Planter with good drainage
  • High-quality potting soil
  • Spade


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