Why Should I Plant a Tree?

Trees play an important role in the environment, both in untouched natural areas and in cities and landscaped areas. A lack of trees can actually cause problems with air quality, flooding and erosion. Although they do require some care, the investment pays serious dividends, not only in prevention of problems, but also in beauty and property value.

Shade and Energy Efficiency

One of the most obvious and common reasons for planting a tree is the shade it will provide. Not only does the shade create a pleasant atmosphere outdoors, it can also help save energy when planted the appropriate distance from a home or building by reducing cooling costs in the summer.


Not often recognized as an immediate benefit, trees can significantly reduce soil erosion. Tree roots help hold the soil, but more importantly, they break rain as it falls, preventing rainwater from carrying away top soil. They also break the flow of rivulets that can quickly turn into small ditches carrying both water and soil.


There is little argument that a healthy, well-cared for tree increases the beauty of a property. It also often increases property value and desirability. According to the University of North Carolina Charlotte, crime rates are lower in areas with lots of trees.

Wind Breaks

Fast-growing evergreen trees not only provide beauty year-round, they also have an added benefit of providing a wind break. This can reduce wind damage to your property in high-wind areas, make an outdoor recreation area more enjoyable and even reduce energy needs if the trees keep the wind from buffeting your home.

Dust and Pollution Control

Trees of all sizes provide some important environmental benefits, both on a small scale on your property and on a large scale city-wide. They help keep down dust, preserving soil and improving air quality, and they also filter out some air contaminants. In addition, trees efficiently convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.

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