How to Arrange Flowers in a Tall Vase


Tall vase arrangements are visually striking and can serve well in a number of settings, from entry hall tables to mantles and even buffets. The key to flower arrangements in tall vases is to create proportionality of the vase to the flower material that sits above it or rises out of it. Proper proportion gives the arrangement a more natural, less contrived feel and a more professional look. Naturally statuesque flowers, such as gladiolas, calla lilies, delphinium, long stem roses, hollyhocks and dahlias, work best for these types of vases.

Step 1

Select flowers for your vase that have a stem length at least twice as tall as the height of your vase.

Step 2

Fill the vase with cool water halfway up and treat the water with a packet of commercial floral preservative or add a teaspoon of white sugar and two drops of chlorine bleach to the water, swirling to combine.

Step 3

Fill a sink with cool water and cut the stems to length while they are submerged. Ensure that each flower stem is cut to length so that it is roughly twice, but not more than three times, the height of the vase.

Step 4

Place the stems in the prepared vase water using the largest blooms first, followed by any filler greens and then any remaining accent flowers.


  • University of Illinois
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