Birthday Flower Gifts

For every birthday, there is a special flower of celebration. There are 12 designated birthday flowers, one for each month. Designated birthday flowers make beautiful gifts, whether they are real flowers or gifts with a floral theme. If you are searching for a birthday gift, why not make it a designated flowers present. Attach a card that explains the background of the flower and why it was chosen, as many people are unaware of designated birthday flowers.

Carnation, Iris, Daffodil

The carnation is the January birth flower. Cultivated for more than 2,000 years, the carnation's fragrance and array of colors have earned it the label of "fascination." Who could argue with having the iris as a birthday flower in February? In ancient Greek folklore, Iris was the messenger of the gods and her symbol was the rainbow. So it is that the purple iris stands for faith, wisdom and hope. Those born in March enjoy the bright yellow daffodil as their birth flower. The daffodil is associated with rebirth and rejuvenation, and outdoor daffodils start blooming in March in many areas.

Daisy, Lily, Rose

Legend has it that a nymph was transformed into a daisy by the gods so she could escape the unwanted attentions of her pursuer. For this reason, the April birthday daisy is called "forever young" and symbolizes innocence. The May birthday has the lily as its special flower. The lily represents purity and honor, and is a popular choice of brides for their wedding bouquets. In June, birthday celebrations center around the rose, which represents love and appreciation (June is also a popular month for weddings, giving roses extra popularity in this month).

Delphinium, Gladiolus, Aster

Are those born in July blessed with the gift of lightheartedness? Certainly that is the quality associated with their birth flower, the delphinium, or larkspur. The gladiolus, the birth flower for August, gets its name from the Latin "gladius," meaning "sword," for the shape of its stem. The gladiolus symbolizes strength, sincerity and integrity. In September, the aster is the flower of the month. It was once whispered that the aster had magical properties, and that its scent could drive away evil. Today, the flower stands for love.

Marigold, Chrysanthemum, Poinsettia

The name of the October flower, the marigold, comes from "Mary's Gold." Christians so dubbed it to honor the Virgin Mary. The marigold is the symbol of affection and grace, and planted outdoors, the hardy marigold can continue blooming well into October in many regions. The chrysanthemum is the November birth flower, and represents cheerfulness. In Japan, the chrysanthemum throne is the symbol of the country's royal family. "Hardy mums" that can withstand colder temperatures are popular potted plants in many colder regions. The poinsettia is the flower of December. According to legend, a little girl with no means to buy a gift picked a bouquet of weeds that she placed on an altar to honor the Baby Jesus. Instantly, the weeds were transformed into brilliant, red poinsettias. The poinsettia is the Christmas flower, symbolizing success and good cheer.

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