Types of Summer Flower Seeds

Flowers can be planted at different times throughout the growing season to produce a bright, colorful garden year-round. Summer flower seeds are plants that bloom throughout summer, unlike spring flowers such as daffodils. There are several types of summer flowers you can plant from seeds, such as marigolds, zinnias, daisies and many wildflowers, to name a few. These seeds are easy to find at local nurseries.


Marigolds are a common landscaping flower with bright colors and a pungent aroma. There are many marigold varieties that flower at different times of the season, so be sure to pick seeds of varieties that bloom during and through the summer or fall.


There are dozens of different types of summer wildflower mixes. Seeding an area with wildflower seeds usually provides a variety of flowers that bloom from spring to late summer. Using a seed mix specified to your planting zone will also help maximize your summer flower blooms. Common types of wildflowers that flourish in many areas during summer include chicory, goldenrod, milkweed, lupines, lavender and poppies.

Asters, Daisies, and Black-Eyed Susans

Asters are common perennials with seeds that germinate easily. Asters will usually bloom from late spring to mid-summer. Daisies are probably one of the most well-known flowers ever, especially for children. These small white flowers are sometimes though as a weed in lawns and fields, but the flowers can be beautiful and also edible. Black-eyed Susan plants are one of the classic flowers of the mid- to late-summer perennial garden, blooming in shades of gold, yellow and copper from late summer into fall.


These flowers are popular for landscapes and also to give as gifts in bouquets. The bright colors are ideal to make flower borders in summer, or to accent a mailbox or shrub area. These blooms grow rapidly, and bloom from late spring to late summer. "Hardy mums" will bloom into the fall.


Zinnias are very easy to grow. They start easy, grow quickly and are tolerant of full sun and heat. Zinnias come in a wide variety of sizes and colors; pretty much every single color but blue. Zinnias attract bees and butterflies, which make them ideal for summer flower gardens or to plant in vegetable gardens to attract those pollinators. You can use zinnias as borders or filler flowers, or create a colorful garden completely made of zinnias.

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