How to Peel Plums


Whether you're making homemade preserves or you don't like to eat peels, peeling a plum is simple. The peel of a plum is what has all the nutrition, but some people can't eat the peels due to dietary restrictions. The peels also don't soften very well when put in pies, jams and other cooked recipes. There are several ways to peel a plum, or similar fruit like peaches and nectarines.

Step 1

Dunk the plum into the pot of scalding water for about 30 seconds. Use the tongs or a spoon to keep your hands safe.

Step 2

Remove the plum from the hot water, and transfer it quickly to the pot of ice water. Let it sit in the iced water for about a minute.

Step 3

Remove the plum from the ice water.

Step 4

Pat the plum with a towel until it is completely dry.

Step 5

Scrape the potato peeler against the surface of the plum's skin. The skin should slide right off and may even be removable without using a peeler.

Things You'll Need

  • Medium saucepan of scalding-hot water
  • Tongs
  • Medium saucepan of ice water
  • Potato peeler
  • Small towel


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