How to Graft an Avocado Plant


In most cases, avocado trees grown from seed do not produce fruit. Most avocado trees are produced by rooting or grafting stock from an existing producing tree to a suitable root stock. In many cases, trees grown from seed provide a good root stock for grafting a scion from a producing avocado tree. Grafting is not difficult. By carefully following grafting instructions, you can create a producing avocado tree.

Step 1

Make a long, sloping cut from one side of the main root stock trunk to the other. Make this cut between 1 and 2 inches long.

Step 2

Make a downward cut from the center of the initial cut to the point in the root stock where you began the initial cut. Be sure to cut, not split, the wood. This tongue will need to match to a similar tongue on your scion.

Step 3

Make a similar series of cuts on the scion. The wood and cambium, or growth area between the bark and woody parts of the tree, will need to come into contact when the two pieces are slipped together.

Step 4

Slip the scion into the root stock, and wrap the joint securely with masking tape to ensure good contact between the two pieces.

Step 5

Seal the tape and graft with grafting compound. Remove the tape and grafting compound when the scion begins to grow.

Things You'll Need

  • Root stock
  • Grafting knife
  • Scion
  • Masking tape
  • Grafting compound


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Who Can Help

  • Internet Bonsai Club: Endangered Avocados and Grafting
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