The Best Times to Plant Bare Root Fruit Trees

Bare root fruit trees should be planted near to the time of purchase when the local weather suits the hardiness requirements of the particular species of tree. Bare root fruit trees are most commonly sold when they are dormant but not always. Beyond the the temperature sensitivity, the next most important element of planting bare root trees is keeping the roots moist at all times. Never allow the roots, trunk or branches of the tree to become drought stressed or dry out while waiting to be planted.

Planting Trees When Dormant

Bare root trees are most commonly available at nurseries and garden centers in the early spring and winter when they are dormant. They can be planted directly into the garden soil even winter if the species of tree is hardy at that time of year in the zone where you live. When it is too cold to plant your bare root tree, store the tree in a protected indoor location until the weather warms sufficiently for outdoor planting, keeping the roots moist at all times.

Mid to Late Spring Planting

Bare root fruit trees can also be planted in the spring as they are beginning to break dormancy or after they have done so. Again, if your tree is not frost hardy, wait until the last hard frost has passed and the soil and ambient temperatures have warmed to within the safe range for your fruit tree species and cultivar.

Summer Planting

Bare root fruit trees are less commonly sold during the summer months but they can easily be planted during the warm summer months. To ensure safe planting and healthy establishment of roots you must provide ample and consistent irrigation. The soil should be keep moist at all times with watering roughly every three to seven days.

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