Flower Garden Gifts

Gifts for a flower gardener are easy to give with a little planning and research ahead of time. Not all gardeners love growing roses, but others may be thrilled with rose-based gifts, for instance. Observe what your gardener typically grows, or bring up the topic in a casual conversation, asking what he would like to try growing or what his favorite flowers are. Try to give a gift that shows you were paying attention and thinking of the recipient.

Local Plants

Seeds or bulbs of a local heirloom flower variety are a great gift for a gardener. Contact local nurseries, or state agricultural extension offices to find out what some local native plants are that would grow well in a flower garden. Seed mixes are also available in gift-friendly sets, such as deer-resistant flowers if the recipient has a problem with deer, or a bird- or butterfly-attractant mix of flowers if they want to create a pollinator or wildlife garden.

Seed Kits

Along the same lines of gifting, present your gardener with a miniature flower garden kit to add to or begin a specific kind of flower garden. For instance, a packet of sunflower seeds could be given along with a gift certificate to a local garden or home improvement store so the gardener can pick out trellising, poles, seed trays, or pots of their choice. Or, for an indoor flower garden, make your own kit: fill a pretty flowerpot with soil, and stick a seed or bulb packet with a homemade label or stake into it.

Rose Cuttings

For rose gardeners, taking the time to cut and prepare some rose cuttings from your own roses, or a friend's or neighbor's, is a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Be sure not to inconvenience the recipient, though; have the cuttings stored and handled properly so that the gardener doesn't have to rush to do so themselves.

For Women

Female gardeners will appreciate the gift of a set of garden tools sized to their smaller hands. These can be found in specialty garden stores, or by shopping online. The convenience of comfortable handles makes these smaller tools more expensive and something that not every gardener would get for herself but would appreciate receiving as a gift. A matching pair of garden gloves would be a great addition to this gift.

For Seniors

Gardeners getting up in years will definitely appreciate the gift of a gardening stool or kneeling gardening bench, so they don't have to get down on older knees or put a cramp in older backs. For a flower gardener who likes her tools beautiful and decorative, you can customize a plain stool or bench at home with some paint, glue, ribbon or decals.


Books related to their favorite types of flowers are a great resource for flower gardeners to learn more about their plants, identify different varieties and refer to when problems might arise. Look for a flower encyclopedia, garden manuals or guides for your region, or books specific to their favorite flowers. Many gardeners also would enjoy a subscription to gardening magazines to learn more about the wider world of flower gardening.

Animal Habitat

Flower gardens depend on pollination for their gorgeous blooms. Give the gift of a bird feeder, birdhouse or bat house, butterfly feeder or house, or even a beehive, if appropriate. All of these creatures are direct contributors to a flower garden, and many flower gardeners will appreciate the thoughtfulness and knowledge behind the gift.

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