Cheap Garden Decorating Ideas

You don't have to break your budget to spruce up your outdoor garden. Adding unusual decorations found around your home and surrounding landscape can help to bring in an element of surprise to your garden, but without the high price tag. For added pops of color, contrast the decorative elements with the existing colors found around the space. You now have a budget-friendly and unexpected addition to the garden.

Bottle Fence

Create a cheap garden fence or border using recycled glass bottles. Available in green, blue and clear, create a mosaic of color using old bottles, while helping to define the garden. To create the fence, turn the bottles upside down and press the bottleneck into the soil so it stands upright. Insert the bottles side-by-side or every one to two feet, depending upon your design preference and how many bottles you obtain. Work your way down around the garden space adding the bottles into the soil. Alternatively, you could bury the bottles so the bottom is flush with the surrounding soil, creating a low-built accent and border to the space. Another garden decorating ideas is to use old bottles to create a bottle tree. Use any tree which has dead or dried-out limbs and insert the bottle over the limbs and branches. Repeat this by adding bottles all over the tree to create your own interesting garden design and one that becomes a focal point and unexpected touch to the landscape.

Homeade Luminaries

Use old jam and jelly jars, and other masonry jars to create cheap holders for tea lights. Clean out the container and set the tea light inside for a warm and inviting glow to the garden. Use them on an outdoor patio or nestled under a pergola for added sparkle during evening dinners or entertaining friends. Line a garden walkway or front path with candle filled jars for an enchanted evening walk. Brown paper lunch bags can also be used to create an affordable outdoor luminary. These homemade luminaries are not only cheap but can be placed all over the garden for a warm glow. Place a small candle within and watch the lights flicker and glow inside.


Seating is essential in your garden space but does not have to break your budget. You can use surrounding material found in your landscape like a downed log or tree stump as the perfect seating area to enjoy your morning cup of coffee. Turn a set of old cinder blocks into an inviting bench within the garden. Paint the blocks with an all weather paint for a long-lasting design. Don't forget to add a set of pillows to make the bench soft and cozy as well as a very cheap seating option to your garden space.

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