How to Arrange Flowers in a Basket


Baskets overflowing with fresh flowers bring life to any gathering and give the impression they have been freshly gathered in honor of the occasion. Although elaborate baskets of exotic flowers may be in order for formal events, a simple wicker basket of wildflowers or seasonal favorites provides a personal touch. Making your baskets from fresh flowers provides an attractive centerpiece or accent to any room.

Step 1

Select a basket in the shape and style your prefer. Natural wicker or woven baskets blend with any color flower, while colored baskets are better suited for specific color schemes.

Step 2

Line the basket with a plastic liner. Any bowl or container will do as it will not be visible in the display.

Step 3

Cut oasis floral foam slightly larger than the size of the liner. Place the foam in a bowl of lukewarm water and allow to soak until foam is saturated. Gently push foam into the liner so it fits snugly and extends about an inch above the top of the basket or container.

Step 4

Select four fresh flowers to form the base of the bouquet and cut to appropriate length. A diagonal cut exposes more of the stem to water and keeps flowers fresh longer. Keep in mind that flowers forming the base will be the most visible and should be the flowers to feature in your basket.

Step 5

Insert a flower near the rear center to determine height of the bouquet. Place two more flowers on either side facing slightly outward to set the width of the bouquet. Add the fourth flower to the front of the bouquet to set the depth of the display.

Step 6

Fill in around the base flowers with smaller flowers in a variety of colors and shapes keeping the flowers facing outward. Those in the front should face slightly downward. You may wish to add flowers in the same color scheme in varying shades or add contrasting colors for visual appeal. White can be used effectively with any color scheme and is often used as filler.

Step 7

Add foliage between flowers to provide a lush green background for the blooms. A few sprigs of delicate airy flowers like baby's breath creates a touch of romance to any bouquet.

Things You'll Need

  • Basket
  • Oasis floral foam
  • Waterproof liner for basket
  • Cut flowers
  • Garden clipper or sharp knife


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