How to Calculate Lawn Sod


Sod is an excellent choice for producing an instant lawn. It is a way of transplanting healthy grass plants into your yard without waiting for them to grow from seed. With sod, it is only a matter of time before the roots reach down and grip into the soil. All you need to know is how to figure out how much sod to buy.

Step 1

Take measurements of the yard you want to cover with the sod. The measurements you will need to take are the width and the length. If your yard is not perfectly square, break it up into areas that you can square off into blocks. Write down the measurements of each section.

Step 2

Form triangles instead of squares for the areas that have rounded edges. Measure the distance of the width times the length and then divide it in half to get the square footage of the triangle.

Step 3

Figure out the square footage. Multiply the length of the side by the width of each of the sections and write down the sum.

Step 4

Add up all the sums of each of the sections to get the total number of square feet of sod needed. When you call the sod supplier, give them this number. If they ask for square yards, then divide the number of square feet you have by nine and the result will be square yards needed

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Pen
  • Paper


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