Growing Salvia Divinorum Seeds


Salvia divinorum, also known as diviner's sage, is an herbaceous perennial that belongs in the family Lamiaceae, which includes mints. Native to Mexico and used for centuries in herbal medicines and religious practices, salvia divinorum is the only salvia with hallucinogenic properties. Since the plant rarely produces a large amount of viable seeds, propagation through seeding can be tricky. With correct planting and care, you will know if your salvia divinorum seeds will grow in approximately two to three weeks.

Step 1

Select a one quart or one gallon container to plant your salvia divinorum seeds. Since the plant requires a lot of space for its root system, it is best to start the seeds in a container that will be large enough to house the plants while they establish themselves.

Step 2

Use a potting mix high in organic material and drains very well. Make your own by using one part each compost, sand and peat moss, and one half-part perlite. Mix the ingredients together in a separate container.

Step 3

Fill the planting container with potting mix and press down lightly to firm the soil up. Water the container before planting the seeds.

Step 4

Plant the seeds. Brush away a thin layer of potting mix from the top of the container and place your salvia divinorum seeds on top of the soil. Plant the seeds approximately 2 to 3 millimeters deep by covering them with a light sprinkling of soil. Mist the top of the soil with water. Salvia divinorum seeds are tiny, and if they are planted too deep they will not germinate.

Step 5

Water the container to keep the soil moist but not too soggy, as salvia divinorum prefers growing in moist soil. Continue to keep the container moist by either bottom watering or misting the soil with water. If the salvia seeds are viable, they will begin to sprout in approximately two to three weeks.

Step 6

Situate the container in an area outdoors that receives filtered sunlight. Salvia divinorum prefers growing in shady to filtered shade conditions once established.

Step 7

Transplant the salvia divinorum plants into the garden once they have established themselves in their container, which will take approximately three to four months. The plants are slow growing when they first germinate and will be quite delicate; allow them to establish themselves and become stronger before replanting into the garden or larger containers.

Things You'll Need

  • Salvia divinorum seed
  • Planting container
  • Soil-mixing container
  • Compost
  • Sand
  • Peat moss
  • Perlite
  • Water


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