The Best Vining Flowers

Flowering vines are ideal garden plants, as most are vigorous growers and will scramble over most any support you provide them. They can frame a beautiful view or help to screen an unfortunate one. They tend to produce vibrantly colored and often very sweetly scented flowers with very little maintenance. In temperate climates most flowering vines will grow as long season perennials.

Passion Flower

The passion flower family of plants are fast-growing tender tropical vines that bloom in the late spring and summer with fruiting following bloom. The fruits called maypops are edible and considered a delicacy tropical fruit by many. Passion flower is not finicky about soil nutrition, grows in sun or partial shade, is an aggressive climber, prefers moist soil and does not require fertilizing.


Honeysuckle is a classic and sweetly scented family of flowering vines. They come in a range of cultivars flowering in hues from white to deep coral. Honeysuckle is a semi evergreen vine that blooms in spring and throughout the summer. Honeysuckle nectar is a desired food source for hummingbirds and the vines produce small fruits in the fall that attract birds.


Clematis is another large family of plants with species that bloom in a wide range of colors, variegated patterns and different petal shapes. Many varieties are long season bloomers flowering from spring up until the first frost. It thrives in sun and partial shade and prefers moist soil and cool roots covered by underplanting or mulch and protection from harsh winds.

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