How to Water Easter Cactus


Many gardeners enjoy celebrating the spring season with an Easter cactus. Easter cactus is a tropical plant that thrives in humid and warm environments. Easter cactus has beautiful blooms of pink, purple or red and adds a beautiful succulent touch to indoor or warm outdoor locations. Keep your Easter cactus thriving by providing the proper moisture at the proper times. This will ensure prolific blooms and strong, healthy plants.

Step 1

Do not overwater the Easter cactus while it is not blooming. Keep the Easter cactus in a cool environment with temperatures between 50 and 55 F. Watch the Easter cactus and when you notice flower buds, move the plant to a warmer location and begin to water more frequently.

Step 2

Water the Easter cactus once per week while it is blooming. Pour water around the soil of the Easter cactus until the soil is saturated. Keep the Easter cactus in a location with temperatures of approximately 65 to 70 degrees. Ensure that the Easter cactus receives bright sunlight; however, direct sunlight may cause the blooms to fade. Do not feed the Easter cactus while it is blooming.

Step 3

Decrease the amount of water you provide the Easter cactus after it finishes blooming. Allow the Easter cactus to dry between waterings and water two or three times per month. Pour water around the soil of the Easter cactus until the soil is saturated, yet not soggy. Fertilize the Easter cactus once per month between mid-spring to mid-autumn.

Things You'll Need

  • Easter cactus plant
  • Water
  • Water-soluble fertilizer (15-16-17)


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