Fresh Flower and Card Ideas

Fresh flowers bring cheer and their own decorative element wherever they are placed. You really can't grow wrong when creating a fresh flower arrangement, such as a simple vase with one or two sprigs of evergreens. With a some fresh water and a watertight container, you can build your own lovely creation using plants from your garden and even herbs from your refrigerator. Don't forget to save your old holiday cards to use next year for art displays and other creative projects.

Card Display

Turn old cards into your own custom prints. Botanical Christmas cards look especially lovely when showcased on a living or dining room wall. To create a custom wall design, use two pieces of glass to frame the print. Then, use cloth tape--which comes in a range of colors--to frame the card and hold the glass together. Mount it on a wall or rest it on your fireplace for an expensive-looking print that's budget-friendly. Another way to display old cards is hang them from a piece of twine. Use only black and white cards to create an unexpected and cool design. Attach the cards to the string using small clips and drape the display over a fireplace mantel or in a foyer or entryway. This design can be small or large, depending upon the amount of space you have to work with and how many cards you can display.

Sweet Flowers

Create a sweet design using flowers and candy. Use a clear vase for the candy arrangement so as to visually see the delectable delights. Add a small bud vase within the clear container to use for the fresh flowers. Around the bud vase, fill with foil-wrapped candy in colors to evoke the season. Add water to the small vase within the candy and fill with large red blooms like roses and Gerber daisies. For smaller vases, use sprigs of paperwhite narcissus mixed with sprigs of rosemary or mint. The design of the flowers mixed with the brightly colored candy creates a festive arrangement.

Unexpected Vase

Use an old sugar bowl or jam jar to create a small design. Use pastel-colored anemones mixed with sprigs of cedar and juniper. Nestle in bunches of parsley and mint for added color and fragrance to the arrangement. These herbs are perfect fillers and add texture and vibrancy to small bouquet. These vases are also ideal as a place setting for dinner guests. Create one vase per guest along with a simple card inscribed with the first and last name. Use left over wrapping paper or card stock to create the name card. Give the arrangements to guests as they leave.

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