How to Make a Simple Grow Box


A grow box is an enclosed container that contains/creates the proper environment for plants to flourish. They may be used by those who lack space or other necessities to have a normal garden. For example, NASA uses hydroponic containers for zero-gravity horticulture. Grow boxes can be quite elaborate, but a starter environment for seedlings and cuttings is simple. You just need to control the humidity and temperature long enough for the plants to become established. Then, they will be more likely to survive after transplanting.

How to Make a Simple Grow Box

Step 1

Buy a clear (translucent) plastic storage container approximately the size of a shoebox. These are available at Walmart, Target, and many dollar stores. The transparency of the plastic will allow light to penetrate and reach the plants inside.

Step 2

Use the utility knife to carefully cut two one-inch slits into the top of the lid. Cut away from yourself--not toward yourself. The slits will provide ventilation for this plant incubator.

Step 3

Completely soak a paper towel in non-chlorinated water. The paper towel should be dripping wet. Use it to line the bottom of the storage container.

Step 4

Fill the seedling tray with potting soil. For best results, use the peat (biodegradable) seedling pots that you can transplant directly into the soil. Soak the seedling tray before placing it in the grow box directly on top of the wet paper towel.

Step 5

Root the cuttings or plant the seeds inside each of the individual seedling containers. Soak the soil with non-chlorinated water.

Step 6

Fasten and secure the clear lid onto the base of the storage container. There should be room for several inches of growth for seedlings and an inch for small cuttings. Make sure the ventilation slits are opened slightly. Widen the slits a bit with the knife if necessary.

Step 7

Place the grow box a low light area near an indoor window with plenty of natural light. For cuttings, keep the plant incubator away from direct light for 5 to 7 days. Keep the indoor room temperature within a normal but comfortable range (65-75 degrees F).

Tips and Warnings

  • Some cuttings and seedling require more or less water or humidity for optimal growth. Take the requirements of the specific species into account when determining how frequently to water the plants in your grow box.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic storage container
  • Non-chlorinated water
  • Paper towel
  • Potting soil
  • Small seedling tray
  • 6 seeds or plant cuttings


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