Avondale Redbud Tree Planting Information


The Avondale redbud reaches a height and width of 10 to 15 feet. In spring it is covered with beautiful purple flowers, and in fall its green foliage turns to a shade of orange/yellow. It is hardy in zones 6 to 9.


Chose a planting site that is located in partial to full sun. Allow enough space for growth (width of 10 to 15 feet).

Hole Size

The hole needs to be twice as wide as the width of the container or root ball, and as deep as the container or root ball. This will give the roots room to grow and anchor the tree in the soil.

Balled and Burlapped

If balled and burlapped, cut the burlap away from the trunk of the tree and pull it down below one-third of the root ball. If balled and wrapped in plastic, remove it entirely.


If in a container, remove the container. If the plant is root-bound loosen the roots so that they can spread and establish themselves.


Place the tree in the hole and backfill with soil. Lightly compress the soil around the tree.

Berm and Watering

Build a 4-inch berm of soil around the hole, and fill the berm with shredded mulch. Water the tree immediately by filling the berm with water.


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