How to Remove a Lawn Mower Tire


You need to remove a lawn mower tire to patch an inner tube, to patch a tubeless tire or to replace a worn or defective tire. If you're replacing or patching an inner tube, you don't need to completely remove the tire from the rim. For tube repair or replacement, you only need to lift one side of the tire off of the rim.

Step 1

Remove the tire and wheel from the lawn mower using a wrench. The exact procedure varies depending on your kind of lawn mower. In some cases, a single bolt holds the wheel. In other cases, you'll need to remove several bolts to remove the wheel and tire.

Step 2

Remove the valve in the stem using a valve wrench to allow all of the air to escape from the tire.

Step 3

Wrap a ratcheting cargo strap around the circumference of the tire in the center of the tread. Ratchet down the cargo strap to force any remaining air out of the tire. Tighten the strap until the center of the tire makes contact with the rim. This also helps reduce the tension holding the tire bead on the rim.

Step 4

Slip a screwdriver between one side of the tire and rim. Pry the screwdriver upward and outward to lift the side of the tire up and away from the rim.

Step 5

Hold the screwdriver in place, and slip a second screwdriver next to the first. Slip the second screwdriver around the perimeter of the rim to lift the bead away from the rim.

Step 6

Remove the cargo strap when you remove one side of the tire from the rim.

Step 7

Remove the inner tube, if your tire uses an inner tube. To remove the inner tube, press the tire stem through the rim, and pull the tube out between the tire and rim.

Step 8

Slip a screwdriver between the outside of the remaining side of the tire and the rim. Press down on the screwdriver to lift the tire bead over the rim, and off to the side. Slip another screwdriver next to the first, and slide the second screwdriver around the perimeter of the rim to separate the second sidewall from the rim. If the first screwdriver slips out, try using vice pliers to keep the tire from slipping back on the rim.

Things You'll Need

  • Wrench
  • Valve wrench
  • Ratcheting cargo strap
  • Screwdrivers
  • Vice pliers (optional)


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