Coneflower Garden Ideas

Coneflowers are tough perennial plants that begin their prosperous blooming season in the summer and which doesn't end until the first frost. Their pinkish-purple blooms are drought-tolerant and can withstand a long, hot summer. They have a full and mound-like appearance and can grow as tall as 36 inches, making them a colorful and long-lasting addition to any area of the garden.


Plant the ever-vibrant perennial coneflower in colorful containers. With their mound-like appearance, these drought-tolerant bloomers make a lovely addition to your space. Nestle the containers along a garden walkway or backyard patio for bursts of color. Situate the containers inside a perennial garden for an unexpected element to admire. Add a creeping thyme plant to the front of the container for contrasting color and one that will come back each year, healthier and taller.

Garden Wall

Along a fence line or garden wall, plant three to four coneflower plants. Adding these stunning purple flowers along a fence or outdoor wall showcases the blooms to create a stunning focal point to your outdoor landscape. Alternatively, if you don't have a fence or garden wall, use coneflowers to create your own makeshift flower wall. Plant them at least 1 foot apart to allow for growth over time, and you'll have a magical wall of blooms around your yard. With their ability to withstand the hot blazing sun, these summer bloomers are also perfect along a full-sun garden to help create and define a border inside the landscape or perennial garden. Use coneflowers along an existing bed on the property to add additional color and appeal to summer. Coneflowers also attract butterflies and look lovely next to a butterfly bush or other purple-blooming flower.


If you have a courtyard or rock garden where color is minimal, use the purple coneflower as a vibrant addition to the space. The vivid color contrasts with the neutral tones found in rocks and stone courtyards. With their ability to withstand high temperatures and drought-like conditions, they flourish in dry and open spaces like a courtyard in the summer. For courtyards with a garden fountain, add a coneflower on either side of the fountain to attract birds and butterflies as well as providing a decorative touch to the neutral tones found inside the space.

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