How Do I Make a Fresh Flower Bouquet?


Fresh flower bouquets can be used for any kind of occasion. They are bright, colorful and natural, and always capture attention and captivate onlookers. While fresh flower bouquets are available at florists, they cost a lot since they charge for their effort and hard work as well. Easily create your own bouquet to channel your creativity and customize it to your taste. You will not only save money, but will also enjoy yourself in the process. Use your bouquet as an accent piece for your entrance, or gift it to someone special.

Step 1

Determine the purpose of the bouquet and the occasion it is used for. Decide whether it will it be placed in a vase to decorate an area, or held by a bride or bridesmaid. Also determine if there is any theme to follow so you can purchase flowers according to the color.

Step 2

Select the flowers. Visit your florist to get an idea of seasonal flowers to help in your decision. Choose a variety of flowers to add color. Purchase strong-stemmed flowers such as tulips, daffodils, irises or roses for a hand-held bouquet and baby's breath for some delicate greenery. Also purchase a clear glass vase if placing the bouquet into it and fill with a layer of colored marbles. Pour water into it until it is half full.

Step 3

Place the flowers on a work table in front of you so you can begin arranging them. Ideally a fresh flower bouquet should be rounded, with the center flowers slightly higher than those to the sides. Hold five to six flowers in your hand, and add flowers to the sides, lowering them slightly as you work your way outward. If placing in a vase, hold a flower outside it at the same level to determine the appropriate height you want to keep.

Step 4

Turn your bouquet so you can view it from all sides. Hold the flowers securely to prevent any from falling out. Add some greenery to the sides and back. Wind floral wire around the stems several times to hold the stems together. Trim the excess stem length with sharp scissors, ensuring they are all even.

Step 5

Wind floral tape around the stems, starting from the top of the stems and working your way to the ends for a hand-held bouquet. Cut the end with scissors. Press the tape so it adheres to the stems securely. Also take a length of nylon or lace ribbon and apply glue to its backside. Wind it over the tape around the stems so it covers it completely. If it falls short at any point, glue another length and begin where the previous one finished. This will give the bouquet a neat look.

Things You'll Need

  • Vase
  • Marbles
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Silk ribbon


  • Bouquet Making Basics
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